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About Us

The Jaycees are a national non-profit volunteer organization comprised of state and local chapters throughout the country. Our goal is to build character and leadership skills through fellowship and interaction with the local community.

The Hudson Jaycee chapter was granted a charter membership in the national Jaycees organization in 1970 and currently has an enrollment of 30 members.

The Hudson Jaycees manage several fundraising projects throughout the year including the Hudson Haunted House.

Since 1970, proceeds from these efforts have allowed us to donate over $1,900,000 to both local and national charitable organizations.

Our ability to help others depends upon the knowledge, experience and time that you are willing to share with us. Join us for good times and the realization that YOU CAN make a difference.

Who We Have Helped

  • Akron Food Bank

  • Akron Children's Hospital

  • American Cancer Society

  • Arthritis Foundation

  • Big Brothers/Sisters of America

  • Boy Scouts of America

  • Cleveland Food Bank

  • City of Streetsboro

  • City of Streetsboro Bicentennial Commitee

  • City of Streetsboro Family Days

  • City of Streetsboro Fire Department

  • City of Streetsboro Parks and Recreation

  • Cleveland Center for the Blind

  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

  • Girl Scouts of America

  • Hattie Larlham Foundation

  • Hudson Annual Fireworks

  • Hudson Church Food Banks

  • Hudson Bandstand/Clocktower Trust Funds

  • Hudson Schools

  • Hudson Emergency Medical Service

  • Hudson Police Department

  • Hudson Parks and Recreation

  • Hudson Safety Town

  • Leukemia Society

  • March of Dimes Foundation

  • Northern Summit Soap Box Derby

  • Senate Scholarship Fund

  • Shoes/Coats for Kids

  • Technology and Children

  • Toys for Tots

  • U.S. Olympic Committee

  • Young Life

The following is an list of those that we have been able to help over the years with the proceeds from our fund-raising projects.​

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